Join us for a workshop, and go deeper in your personal journey of reintegration and empowerment.

The underlying cause of all addiction is the loss of Self – the search outside of ourselves for fulfillment and joy. Learn how you can connect with an endless source of happiness, wisdom, energy and love by harnessing the timeless teachings of yoga.


Explore your personal patterns (samskaras), and develop a deeper relationship with your true Self.

Codependency has been described as “the addiction to look elsewhere.” It’s the belief that something outside of ourselves – people, places, things, behaviors or experiences – will bring fulfillment and joy. In this weekend workshop, we will use lecture, discussion, experiential exercises and the tools of yoga (including asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting) to:

● Examine the roots of codependency
● Investigate ways to connect our true Self with a higher power
● Explore tools for healing through a process of awareness, self-love and creativity

This offering is designed for anyone choosing to develop a deeper relationship with self. It is especially ideal for families that are impacted by addiction, and for those in the “helping professions,” such as yoga teachers, medical professionals, social workers and healers.

This weekend workshop is hosted at yoga studios nationally and internationally. Starts at $275.

SECOND ANNUAL Y12SR Retreat to Cuba with Nikki Myers

Join us for 5 incredible Days in Cuba!

Saturday May 5th, to Friday, May 11th, 2018

Since our inaugural Y12SR Cuba Immersion to Havana this past May, all we can think about is returning, in the hopes that more of you can join us this time! Please join us for an amazing adventure that includes a Havana immersion, connecting with the Cuban 12-step recovery community and the Cuban yoga community, daily Y12SR meetings and practices, and so much more.

In addition, we will spend the week learning about the art, dance, music, history, social justice and politics within this “off-limits” island. Prepare to absorb and grow. We will weave daily Y12SR practices into this experience in one of the most fascinating cities in the world! Engage with and come to understand the Cuban people and walk away with a deeper understanding of Cuba’s story – past, present and future.

More info/Register: