Support our mission: Help share Y12SR with all who are battling addiction – no matter their financial circumstances.

By supporting the Y12SR Community Outreach Initiative, you can bring a powerful model for relapse prevention to those who are most vulnerable.

When you donate to our Community Outreach Initiative, you’re bringing Y12SR meetings into under-resourced treatment centers, rehab facilities and halfway houses that would not otherwise have the funds to underwrite such programming.

This support can make a real difference for individuals living in low-income neighborhoods, where many are unable to contribute to a donation basket. It helps to ensure that those at high risk of relapse are greeted by a familiar face every week, leading them in a personal practice that combines yogic and 12-step methodology.

Help us bring Y12SR into 100 under-resourced treatment centers. 

The Y12SR Community Outreach Initiative is a project of the Give Back Yoga Foundation, a not-for profit 501(c)(3).