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Y12SR Leadership Training

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05 Apr.

Y12SR Leadership Training

April 5, 2019 - April 7, 2019

The Y12SR Leadership Training: Learn how to create and hold safe space for those impacted by addiction.

Do you want to share the powerful framework of Y12SR with those who are impacted by addiction?
Through our Y12SR Leadership Training, you will learn how to:

● Create safe, sacred, open and inclusive space that welcomes all who are dealing with their own addictive behavior, or that of others
● Understand the 12-step process of addiction recovery
● Recognize symptoms of unresolved trauma and emotional dysregulation
● Share yoga as a tool for relapse prevention, and to sustainably manage internal states
● Utilize teachable moments, help resolve ambivalence and work with those who are struggling emotionally
● Use social learning theory to model new behavior and support observational learning
● Recognize the traps of projection, transference, countertransference, boundary violation and spiritual bypass/arrogance
● Work collaboratively within the group setting, and with institutions
● Develop a network of professionals, including trauma experts and others in field of addiction recovery


Through ancient texts and modern research in neuroscience, we will learn how the cognitive approach of the 12-step program, the trauma-informed approach of Somatic Experience and the body-based approach of yoga and mindfulness practices work together to bring about changes in brain patterning. Driven by the theme “the issues live in our tissues,” this holistic framework for relapse prevention fosters compassionate awareness, change and healing.

Designed for yoga teachers who wish to work with the recovery population, this training is also extremely relevant and helpful for therapists, counselors, social workers, probation officers and others who wish to understand how the philosophies and practices of yoga align with the 12-step program of recovery.

This training is also the second step in our two-part certification process. Upon completion of both our Intensive and Leadership Training, you will be fully certified to lead weekly Y12SR meetings in community or clinical settings. You will also receive access to a private library of training and marketing materials, and ongoing support from a community of professionals.

*Scholarships are available to support registered yoga teachers who are in need.

Event Details

Date: April 5, 2019 - April 7, 2019
Time: -
Venue: Sacred Chill {West}
Address: 2030 Bolton Rd Ste 400