From serving directly to raising funds and awareness, you can make a powerful impact to help others overcome addiction. Learn how you can get involved.

Join Us

Attend a Meeting

Find a meeting in your neighborhood, and discover what Yoga of 12-Step Recovery is all about.

Attend an Event

Support our mission by joining a donation class, or explore the principles that drive Y12SR by attending a workshop.


Get Trained

Take the first step to bring Y12SR into your community by getting certified as a leader.


Put your professional talents to work to serve in support of Y12SR’s mission.


Host a Donation Event

Organize a donation class or set up a crowdfunding campaign to bring Y12SR into under-resourced treatment centers.

Become a 108 Studio Partner

Bring your studio community together to raise funds and awareness for Y12SR through regular donation-based classes.


Make a One-Time Donation

For $50, you can bring one Y12SR meeting into an under-resourced treatment center.

Make Monthly Donations

Amplify your impact by helping to bring Y12SR to more people, month after month.