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Y12SR Leadership Training

This Y12SR program presents a framework for addiction recovery that includes the cognitive approach of the 12-step program, the trauma healing approach of Somatic Experiencing and the body-based approaches offered by yoga and mindfulness practices. Utilizing material from ancient texts, trauma research as well as information and data from modern neuroscience studies, we will discuss exactly how combining the cognitive and...

Y12SR Combined Training

The Y12SR Combined Training equips participants to hold Y12SR classes in their communities. This is a combination of the Y12SR Intensive and the Leadership Training. This training results in full Y12SR certification. The first section of the training focuses on the ‘understanding and application’ of yoga and the 12 steps. Here we will: • Explore the sources of addictive behavior • Investigate...

Pranayama, Bandhas & Mudras

Pranayama, Bandhas and Mudras The ancients gave us the practices of pranayama, bandhas and mudras to bring vitality to our energy system.  Using the Hatha Yoga Pradipika as a guide, this class is an exploration of theory and practice.  As we deepen our understanding we will:   Study the five aspects of the vital body (prana, apana, vyana udana, samana) Explore types...