Weekly Y1SR meetings are open, inclusive groups that offer a model for sustainable relapse prevention.

Modeled on the structure of 12-step meetings, Y12SR meetings include a group sharing circle followed or preceded by an intentional, themed yoga class. They are open to all individuals who are working to overcome all manifestations of addiction – from behavioral addictions, to substance abuse – as well as those impacted by the addictive behavior of others.

Held in yoga studios or other community-based spaces such as churches or health clinics, each Y12SR meeting is hosted by a certified leader. Meetings are donation-based, with all funds shared between the teacher, the host facility and a local nonprofit that supports addiction recovery.

Bring Y12SR into your neighborhood or treatment center by connecting with a certified leader.

Y12SR leaders go through a two-part certification process training them to hold safe and appropriate space for those working to overcome addiction. There are more than 350 active Y12SR leaders working across the United States and internationally.

Our directory of certified leaders can help you to connect with someone who can bring Y12SR to your studio, nonprofit program or treatment center. Under-resourced treatment centers serving low-income communities may also be eligible for financial support to help bring Y12SR into your facility through our Urban Outreach Project.